We appreciate your continuous support towards our work for children with movement disabilities.

A big big thank you!

A total of 38 donors generously helped raise 1,211,568.75 THB  which supported Zy Movement Foundation (ZMF) to organize 20 related activities to facilitate the better quality of life for Children with Movement Disabilities, their families and surrounding communities.

2018 was a challenging yet positive year for ZMF which we have touched over 4,000 lives of children with movement disabilities and 350 Medical and health professionals by organizing 20 activities aligned with our 4 objectives,

1. To empower children with movement disabilities to have positive thinking and freedom of movement, hence towards independent living in society.

2. To  provide parents / caretakers of these children with the right understanding on  the physical and psychological management of themselves and their children.

3. To support and facilitate  in research and know-how exchange between medical health-givers and institutions both domestically and internationally.

4. To  drive the awareness and understanding of society on the issues of children with disabilities and correct the attitude towards people with disabilities in Thailand and ASEAN.
See all activities we have done in 2018 at (Click to see 2018 activities page)

 For the past 9 years, in collaboration with renowned medical & health institutions like
1) Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Thailand,
2) Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Thailand,
3) Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute, Thailand,
4) University Hospital of Heidelberg, Germany,
5) University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany and
6) The International Vojta Society (IVG), Germany have brought the results of our growing work with over 30,000 Children being treated with a multi-disciplinary approach.

By year 2020, the target of 8,000 more of children with movement disabilities is set to be treated. In order for us to achieve this target, we must continuously provide knowledge and engage  with the society on our initiatives.

To maintain the development of professional skills and  empower our children and their families to be able to reach their independent living goal, the FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM YOU is integral. Your contribution will continue to drive the transformation of the DISABLED to be seen as the DIFFERENTLY ABLED  and thus be a significant factor in improving the quality of life of 10 Million children with movement disabilities in ASEAN.

Our highlight projects for the next 12 months are;.....
1. The 5th Batch of Vojta Therapist Training
2. The 5th ASEAN Seminar on Multi-Disciplinary Care for Children with Mobility 5th AMCM & Parent Seminar
3. The Vocational Learning for Differently-abled
4. The Climb to Change a Life - "Champion to Champion" Series

The financial support that we will need are as follows:

A: 2,500,000 Baht (or a part of) to support the training of the 5th batch of 25 Vojta Therapists in July 2019 - February 2021.

B: 1,000,000 Baht (or a part of) to support the 5th ASEAN Seminar on Multi-Disciplinary Care for Children with Mobility (5th AMCM) in 2019 for 300 Medical and health professionals and 100 parents of children with movement disabilities.

C: 200,000 Baht (or a part of) to support the Vocational Learning for Differently-abled project in 2019 for 10 children with movement disabilities.

D. 100,000 Baht (or a part of) to support the Climb to Change a Life - "Champion to Champion" Series in March 2019 for 10 children with movement disabilities and 25 Vojta therapists.


Your Year End Contribution will be a significant driver for our foundation’s projects.

Donate to Zy Movement Foundation :

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